Titan Bach

Post-Time Skip Titan Bach

Pre-Time Skip Titan Bach

Japanese Name: タイタンバッハ
Romanized Name: Taitan Bahha
English Name: Titan Bach
First Appearance:  ???
Affiliations: The Asura Pirates (former); Marines; G-0; Shitenno (Ship of Fools Wiki)
Marines (former);
The Jolly Pirates (Sea of Fools Wiki)
Occupations: Pirate (former);
Captain (former); Musician; Marine; Lieutenant (former); Captain (former); Commodore (Ship of Fools)
Marine (former);
Commodore (former); Pirate; Musician (Sea of Fools)
Epithet: Asura (アスラ Asura?)
Japanese VA:
Funi English VA:
Age: 28 (Debut)
30 (after timeskip) (Ship of Fools)
38 (Debut)
40 (after timeskip)
Birthday:  ??
Height:  ???cm (?'?")
Bounty: Bsymbol10200,000,000 (former; Ship of Fools)
Bsymbol10200,000,000 (active; Sea of Fools)
strong points:

Titan Bach (タイタンバッハ Taitan Bahha) is a former commodore of the Marines, and is now the current Musician for the The Jolly Pirates. He was born with a mutation, which caused him to grow 10 more arms. Since he's also a Long-Arm, this allows him to have a large number of long, lanky arms to use, making him a potent enemy in battle, and a skilled musician in general. This was also the inspiration behind Bach's first and only epithet, "Asura."

Bach joined the crew after their raid on G-4, during which Bach fought and lost against Spike. Afterwards, Bach was convinced to leave the life of a Marine behind, as it was one he could no longer agree with, and decided to support the Jollys in saving Peabody Karen from her incarceration and shipment to Impel Down. Due to the friendship he developed with the pirates and the kind, selfless deeds he performed for them, and because Chris found his talents amusing and helpful, Bach was later invited into the crew, which he accepted wholeheartedly. Bach now dedicates himself to Chris out of gratitude, as he was kind enough to allow Bach, a former enemy, to join the crew.

Bach later gained a bounty due to his actions at G-4, which became Bsymbol200,000,000. This marked Bach as a dangerous threat among The Jolly Pirates, and would later be a sign to others of his status as one of the Supreme Six; the six strongest fighters among the crew. While traveling with the Jollys, Bach expressed a strong desire to fulfill a dream of his, as is common with the rest of the crew, with his dream being to -----.



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