Sabaku Koken
Sabaku Koken
Japanese Name: 後見砂漠
Romanized Name: Kōken Sabaku
English Name: Sabaku Koken
First Appearance:  ??
Affiliations: Majin Tribe
Occupations: Majin Warrior General
Japanese VA:  ???
4kids English VA:  ???
Funi English VA:  ???
Age:  ?? (Debut)
?? (after timeskip)
Birthday:  ??
Height:  ???cm (?'?")
strong points:

Sabaku Koken (後見砂漠 Kōken Sabaku) is a relative of Salma Koken, having come from the Koken clan, and as such is a reputable Majin warrior in her own right. Unlike Salma however, Sabaku holds the prestigious title of general among the Majin warrior caste, sharing this honor with legendary warrior, Baal. Sabaku has honed her skills in combat and warfare to a degree where she not only holds more power among her fellow warriors, but that she has also developed a reputation in her own right; mostly due to using tactics involving the deserts of Sahara Island (on Ship of Fools Wiki)/----- (on Sea of Fools Wiki) to her and her tribe's advantage. Coupled with her strength, speed, stamina and skill, Sabaku has proven herself to be one of the elite soldiers for the royal Solomon clan.

Despite being a simple supporting character during One Dream's Majin Arc, Sabaku would later return during The Phoenix War which occurred during One Dream's time skip, as well as having her cameo in Rukiryo's fanon story, One Tomorrow.


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  • Sabaku's name is taken from the Japanese word for "desert." Thus, when combined with her surname, Koken, which is also Japanese for "guardian," her full name translates out to "Desert Guardian;" seemingly making reference to her status as protector of the Majin tribe, a tribe of people who have chosen to live in the harsh desert of Sahara Island on Ship of Fools Wiki, and ----- on Sea of Fools Wiki.

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