Ribera Landscape
Ribera (リベラ Ribera, literally meaning "Riverbank",) is a small, rural town in the world of Wild Hunt. It is a notable location for being the residence of the Prime family (Ban, Delphi Prime and Juju Prime,) and for being the birthplace of the story's main protagonist, Gilgamesh Prime. It is also the first major, named location to appear in the manga.




  • Ban (Kirin inhabitant; Husband of Delphi Prime and father of Gilgamesh Prime; Deceased)
  • Delphi Prime (Wife of Ban and mother of Gilgamesh Prime; Deceased)
  • Juju Prime (Mother of Delphi Prime and grandmother of Gilgamesh Prime; Town "witch"; Alive)
  • Gilgamesh Prime (Human/kirin chimera; Joined the Wild Hunt)

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  • Ribera received its name due to the noticeable river cutting through the countryside and running alongside the town.
    • This also ties into the origins behind Ribera's concept. Inspired by his own hometown's hilly and forested landscape, and by the experiences he had while playing in his backyard as a child, Wyvern used both his home and the town he lives in as a model for Ribera's landscape and tranquil atmosphere. Most notably, a brook crosses Wyvern's backyard; a feature Wyvern grew fond of over the years. With that being one of the most distinctive traits he remembers of his yard, Wyvern based Ribera mostly off of the brook in his yard, and would later expand upon that afterward.

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