"We have transcended space and time, and will continue to transcend and surpass all barriers put before us. We are not the past nor the future, we are the present; we simply are. You think you're stronger than me? Then allow me to show you how dead wrong you really are. You're not fighting any old Tane anymore; we're not simply some Super Tane or anything like that. We are Mega Tane, and you've already lost this fight the minute you messed with this planet."
— Mega Tane to ???

Mega Tane
Mega Tane

Human (1/2)

Saiyan (1/2)


Female Female




?' ??"


??? lbs.


March 20

Blood Type

Type B

Professional Status


Her family

Tane's group




Martial artist

Previous Occupation

School student

Koshi's martial arts teacher


Tane's group



Base of Operations

Grand Village (her home village)

Personal Status

Hinata (Human mother)

Korr (Saiyan father and mentor)

Tane (Fusee)

Future Tane (Fusee)

Future Shinju (Husband)

Drazil (Father-in-law)

Manga Debut


Anime Debut


Japanese Voice


English Voice

Erica Mendez

Mega Tane (メガシード, Mega Tane) is a major protagonist in the Dragon Ball fan story, Dragon Ball Omega. In it, she is a successful result of her fusees, Tane and her future counterpart, Future Tane, performing the Fusion Dance; thus resulting in by far one of the most powerful characters seen in Dragon Ball Omega to date. Due to being the combination of two halves of the same person, Mega Tane stands out highly as a fused warrior for lacking many common traits a fusion would normally possess, and therefore seems to behave and sound much like Tane and Future Tane normally would. Her voice is comprised of Tane's own speaking voice, but seems to sound as if there are two of her speaking in unison.


Originally, Mega Tane is intended to appear strikingly similar to Tane and Future Tane in terms of her face and body, and due to being comprised of Tane, who hardly removes her tail, Mega Tane is under the possession of her Saiyan tail whenever she appears while Tane fuses with her tail intact. Even her hair appears incredibly similar to the two Tanes; only differing in that it blends their unique hairstyles together, with Mega Tane possessing Tane's style (hair combed into the back and tied into a ponytail,) and Future Tane's length (resulting in longer than usual bangs and a longer ponytail than Tane's.)

Due to being the result of the Fusion Dance technique, Mega Tane is always seen arriving in the Metamoran clothing she wears, albeit colored a bit differently, with her vest dyed red with a yellow trim and her sash colored blue. Because the vest is left open as usual, and to protect her modesty, Mega Tane is always seen sporting a sarashi above her breasts as a make-shift form of underwear (pictured as a tube top in the given image.)


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  • Mega Tane's name highly differs from those of other fusions due to the fact there's no credible way to merge the name Tane with itself. Therefore, Wyvern 0m3g4 decided upon simply adding a title before her name to differentiate her from her fusees and to emphasize her strength and importance. After a while of brainstorming, Wyvern chose "mega" to be the appropriate term to use, as it sounded greater and bigger than "super" to him, and due to "super" already being in use for characters such as Super Vegeta and Super Trunks.
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