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Author: Wyvern 0m3g4
Original run: Has Not Made a Debut
Chapters: No Chapters Yet
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Drama

Kaiju (槐樹 Kaiju) is the fourth attempt to create and write a shounen manga by Wyvern 0m3g4, making it the direct predecessor to Wyvern's current and latest shounen manga endeavor, Wild Hunt. It is also an ambitious attempt by Wyvern 0m3g4 to create a shounen manga based off of Japanese kaiju films, which Wyvern grew up on and loved in his youth (primarily the Godzilla franchise.) The main story focuses on a young village boy named Goji, who one day stumbles upon a top secret military weapon which inadvertently alters him into a human-kaiju hybrid.

Like the previous three manga concepts Wyvern worked on before, Kaiju would ultimately end up discarded due to a lack in interest and hardships involved in developing the plot and characters. Its conception is assumed to have happened some time during 2007 (age 16) or 2008 (age 17.) This would also be the last manga Wyvern would attempt to write for sheer amusement, before going on to deciding to be a professional manga-ka.


The plot is rather loose and ill-defined, as Wyvern hardly thought much of it at the time. The basic premise being that a young blue haired boy from a fishing village one day stumbled upon a military base and its equipment. Naturally curious, the boy, named Goji, explored the base and its equipment before coming across a large vat of strange liquid. Through some mishap, the liquid spills onto Goji and drenches him completely. The end result causes a steady mutation to occur where Goji gains access to a power the local military was developing for use in combat situations; the power to transform into a giant monster, a kaiju. As Goji practices his new abilities and learns to cope with his alter ego, "Mizusaurus," he also starts a new life full of adventure, excitement, and danger as he tries to avoid getting tangled up in the military's exploits, and while befriending and battling other humans who can become kaiju at will.



  • Obviously enough, Kaiju takes its name from the title given to the kaiju genre of Japanese tokusatsu (special effects) films. Kaiju itself means "strange beast."
  • The reasoning behind Kaiju being discontinued may be due to complications Wyvern had while developing the plot and its characters; finding the idea of writing a kaiju themed manga delightful, but also frustratingly difficult too. The challenge in pulling off such a feat was apparently too much for Wyvern to handle, as he would soon go on to abandon Kaiju as he had done to Isamu Koga, Yondai and Nephilim before it.

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