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Isamu Koga
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Author: Wyvern 0m3g4
Original run: Has Not Made a Debut
Chapters: No Chapters Yet
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Comedy, Drama

Isamu Koga is the very first attempt to write a shounen manga by Wyvern 0m3g4. While the exact date of its creation has been lost to history, it is believed Wyvern began work on the concept sometime around the age of 12 or so, which would mean the manga first surfaced somewhere during 2003.

As Wyvern's first venture into writing manga, Isamu Koga as a whole reflects Wyvern's vast lack of experience and knowledge regarding the medium while attempting to write it at the time. Likewise, very little is known of the story and its main protagonist, as Wyvern thought up very few ideas, and was quick to drop the concept and move on to other ideas soon after.


The loose and basic gist of the plot behind Isamu Koga was to center around a world spanning adventure undertaken by the titular protagonist, Isamu Koga. Isamu was depicted as being a well trained martial artist who aspired to become stronger and surpass his peers. In order to do so, Isamu would use his skills and experience to travel to eleven other martial arts dojos, hoping to defeat their strongest fighter and earn a symbol of his victory. Each of the twelve dojos in the story's setting is themed after the Chinese zodiac, such as the rooster, dragon, tiger, monkey and rat. Each zodiac themed dojo taught a particular form of martial art styled around its animal, like Dragon Style martial arts for example (a style which Wyvern was considering to be the strongest of them all.) The dojo that taught and raised Isamu was home to the Tiger Style of fighting, and so this was meant to be Isamu's signature form of combat, which he would later supplement by using the various other martial arts he would come in contact with along his journey.



  • The name of the manga was taken from its main protagonist, Isamu Koga, which further emphasizes the focus of the plot.
  • Wyvern is currently unsure exactly why he stopped working on Isamu Koga, though he has made guesses that it may have been due to reasons such as growing bored of the plot (and becoming distracted by real life obligations and other hobbies,) or ditching it because he may have had little faith in it afterward. He states he chalks these guesses up to his then childish behavior and attitude, and the personal flaws he was struggling with at the time.

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