SPOILER ALERT: This page contains spoilers regarding events and characters within the series, Wild Hunt. Reader discretion is highly advised.

Fairies (フェアリ Feari) are one of the three human-like yokai races in Wild Hunt; alongside elves and dwarves. Like elves and dwarves, fairies are known for appearing human-like, but possessing certain non-human features, such as pointed ears and being more gifted in sorcery. Unlike elves, fairies are not as widespread around the world, and are more likely to be found living underground with their dwarf brethren.

Also unlike the elves and dwarves, fairies are the only race of the three who have spawned evolved descendants over time, such as the cat sith, which Leo Umbral, a main character in Wild Hunt and a rival to Gilgamesh Prime, was born into.


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Currently there are no known pure-bred fairies in Wild Hunt. However, as the story continues to be developed and its plot progresses, fairies may at some point be introduced. Currently however, there is one character who is of a fairy sub-race, the cat sith. This character is Leo Umbral; a rival to Gilgamesh Prime and a main contender in the Wild Hunt.


Fairy Sub-RacesEdit

Over time, fairies have evolved into various sub-races. These sub-races usually tend to take on certain emphasized characteristics and traits, but they still possess a mind-set or certain power that is distinctly fae. Below is a list of known fairy sub-races that have evolved from the fairy race:

  • Cat Sith (Fairies that have taken on the likeness of felines)




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